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Tuesday 21st April 2020

Good morning 3N!


I hope you are all doing okay, getting back into your home learning after the Easter holidays.


Miss North: I spent most of my day yesterday speaking to your grownups on the phone or by email. It was so lovely to hear from you about what you have been up to. I can't believe this is our 5th week not in school. The time is going so quickly! I heard from a few of you how much you are missing school and your friends. Please know that I am feeling exactly the same. Whenever you are feeling sad, remember that I thinking about each and every one of you, and your smiley faces!


Mrs Buttery: Hi everyone! I hope you didn't work too hard on your first day back yesterday. I'm missing you all so much and wishing away the days until we're all back in our little 3N bubble. 


Scroll down to see your daily afternoon work. Make sure that you click your groups folder to do the correct work.

If you work with Miss Johnson, please use the work from the folder below:



I would like you to start the afternoon with a song or two. Mrs Martin has found some lovely songs and challenges to go with them. They are like the ones that we sing at school and have the words on the screen for you to practise. I know that we have lots of amazing singers in our class after we sang our football chant!

Start with Week 1, Monday's song. The song is called Start the day with exercise. 

Here is the challenge to go with it...


The second song, Tuesday's song, is called Together. This song is PERFECT as it talks about us all being together, and even though we may not be together at school, we are still a Fixby Family.  Here is the challenge for that song...

I would also like you to complete the next task of our 'stop-animation' task. You now have designed and named your character. I’m going to catch up with this task and create my own too. I’ll share it with you tomorrow. 


Today we need to think of a story. Create a story board using the sheet or you could create your own. I will upload mine tomorrow to show you what my story will look like.

I look forward to seeing your movies at the end of this week.