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Tuesday 21st April

Hello lovely people (and all the horrible ones).


I hope your first day back went well, and you got all your work done. I know the white rose website was playing up today, but they say they've sorted it out.


Monday evening was my best friend's 30th birthday. This is a really big birthday, and it's sad he had to spend it on his own. Me and all our friendship group spent it doing a quiz we created (using the app zoom, so we could talk to each other) and doing forfeits etc. It was absolutely ace. That is one good thing that has come out of all of this, our friendship group has never been closer - we speak almost every day. I hope you are managing to do things like this.


I forgot to tell you all yesterday, but I had a hair cut about a week ago. I let Lauren use clippers and shave my hair. It's the shortest it's ever been, but has now grown enough for me to let you see. I'll post a picture tomorrow.


It was lovely to hear from some of you yesterday. It makes my day, so please continue to email:


I've had permission to share this that our very talented gymnast has been up to. If you remember when I said what I can do as a world class gymnast - it is this exactly, but instead of one flip, I can do a double. I got Lauren to film me doing a successful double back flip, but the video didn't record properly, and now my back hurts again, so you'll have to wait until we are back at school.

Please send me more things like this:


Video (1).mov

Still image for this video

For maths today I'd like you to focus on the white rose home learning. It's continuing our work on angles. If you haven't done the lessons from before the holidays - you MUST go back and watch the videos. Watch the video for Summer Term week 1 Lesson 2, then do the worksheets and check the answers. This is on the angles of a triangle.


Guided reading is as promised the newspaper report on Captain Tom Moore and the awesome fundraising he is doing for the NHS, one of the many heroes we are hearing about each day. Read the article, answer the questions and check your answers. Don't forget this is another example of a newspaper article, so can you magpie any ideas for your own piece of writing?

For writing I want you to focus on interviewing somebody today. In class, we often do hot-seating and get quotes from characters. Quotes are a vital feature of any good newspaper article, because they back up the point the journalist is making. I'd like a list of 7 really good questions (not yes or no ones) that will get you the quotes you need. e.g. Captain Tom, what made you want to do the fundraising in the first place?

You can then either try and find the answers out using the internet, or pretend you are the person and answer them yourselves. 

Tomorrow we will be doing a SPAG lesson on speech punctuation to help with this part of our reports. 



Song of the day is a different genre today - one you will probably like even less than what I normally post!

This is a song that meant a lot to me when I was growing up.

The next lesson I'd like you to do is one off BBC bitesize. It focuses on the transition from Primary School to High school. This is a challenging time for anybody, and something we normally do a lot of work on.

Mrs Buttery has asked that we access the next Code for Life block, Levels 33-43. You can find them in the Computing folder.