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Tuesday 21st April

Morning 5G


I hope most of you have been seeing the videos and messages staff have been putting on the school Facebook page. I loved doing this over the holidays and seeing all the staff, I am missing everyone so much. I got a picture of one of our class working super hard yesterday by email, I'm not sure he was happy to be having his picture taken whilst he was working. It definitely made me smile though so thank you.


Hopefully yesterday was not too much of a shock to the system and you are back this morning raring to go. I am hoping those arithmetic scores are still sneaking up each week. Your first lesson is Maths, again today is revision of skills you have learnt during our arithmetic lessons. Watch the video, try the worksheets and then check you answers.

Click on the link :

Summer Term – Week 1 (w/c 20 April) - Lesson 2 - Subtracting decimals within 1.


Guided reading is as promised the newspaper report on Captain Tom Moore and the awesome fundraising he is doing for the NHS, one of the many heroes we are hearing about each day. Read the article, answer the questions and check your answers. Don't forget this is another example of a newspaper article, so can you magpie any ideas for your own piece of writing?

For writing I want you to carry on adding to yesterdays work, edit and improve your plans. I have an opening lines task for you to complete. This will hopefully help build those skills to make a wow start to your writing.

I found this science task about the bones in the human hand and really liked it, you get to draw and learn all about the human body. Draw round your hand and then add all the bones inside labeling them from the image below. You can even colour it in. If you search on line you could even try to do the same with your foot. How many bones are in the human foot? What are their names?


There is also a link to a website that lets you print pictures of the human organs so you can build a life size human. Thought it sounded fun.

Mrs Buttery has asked that we access the next Code for Life block, Levels 33-43. You can find them in the Computing folder.


I would love to see photos of any of your Science work from today. I am expecting them to be awesome.


Don't forget I am expecting you to have used either Joe Wicks or GoNoodle today to get some exercise. You are missing swimming so make sure you really push yourself!


Finally, another scavenger hunt around the house. I hope you have fun. I will speak to you tomorrow.


Take care.

Mrs Garside