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Tuesday 24th March 2020

Good Morning 4A, 


I really hope your first day of home learning went well! I started my day by doing the Joe Wickes PE lesson - it was fun and I recommend you all to have a go! I worked from home today - I did online training courses and some planning for next term. I did get a bit of cabin fever as I haven't left my house since Friday, so we decided to go for a walk near Castle Hill as I live nearby. 

Someone in the class has asked me to share some photos of the Tutankhamun exhibit that I went to in London. I will put some on tomorrow.  Unfortunately, the exhibit is now closed and may not re-open before the artefacts go back to Egypt.  




Miss Anwar x

First activity - do your morning exercise with Joe Wickes!





I would recommend that you start your learning this morning by completing this flashback activity. By revisiting prior learning that we went through together, it will consolidate your knowledge. Write the answers in your exercise book or on a bit of paper.


Practice telling the time with your grown ups. Think about the hour before and after the current time. The National curriculum requirements for time in year 4 are:-

-Read, write and convert time between analogue and digital 12- and 24-hour clocks.

-Solve problems involving converting from hours to minutes; minutes to seconds; years to months; weeks to days.

On Tuesdays, we always start our mornings by playing TT Rockstars. Perhaps you could compete against others in the class under "arena" mode. 


Go onto and watch the video tutorial for lesson 2. 

Answer the questions on the worksheet. Don't feel as though you have to print the sheets out as ink and paper are expensive. Use the exercise book I have given you and write your answers in there. 


Mark your answers. Don't cheat yourself by looking at the answers before you've completed the work. 


Please don't worry if you're finding something tricky - we will pick this up when we see each other next.


The link below is a great resource for developing your mastery skills with maths. We use them in class all the time. They will contain some reasoning/problem solving questions. 


Learn your spellings that I gave you last week - the test will be tomorrow. Write out the words and practice your handwriting. 


The grammar work yesterday looked at adjectives and noun phrases. Use them and write some descriptive sentences about this picture. You can also use personification and metaphors/similes. We have worked so hard to improve our writing - we need to choose adjectives and expanded noun phrases carefully. Avoid writing "deep, blue sea" - what else can we write? Try think of other ways to describe the water e.g. foamy waves/crystal-clear water. We also don't need to use 10 adjectives e.g. deep, dark, cool, tropical, stormy sea. Keep it simple and choose vocabulary that will create a greater impact on the reader. 



Keep on reading your accelerated reader book! Has anyone done a quiz yet? Try to do one of the reading activities on the sheet I gave you! 

I am also using this time to read more in the evenings after I have done all my work for the day. I am currently reading a book about Howard Carter, the famous archaeologist who discovered Tutankhamun's tomb.