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Tuesday 24th March 2020

Good morning 1S! laugh


How are you? I hope that you enjoyed the activities yesterday and that you will continue to try your best!


Remember that Joe Wicks is doing a live PE lesson at 9am everyday! (I really enjoyed yesterday's workout but I was out of breathe by the end of it!) If you miss this at 9am, it is saved on his Youtube channel so don't worry! Here is the link again:


Here are some activities to complete today:


Phase 4 Spelling game:

Name the image and then spell it out so the alien can escape to his spaceship!


Start each day with a page from the Flashbacks. They're saved in the Maths Folder. Remember, this will consolidate what we have already learnt! You should be on Week 1 Day 2 today.


Warm up: Can you count in 5s up to 50? Can you do this to 100?


Access the Home Learning Lesson 2 Measure Mass on White Rose Maths.

1) Click on

2) Click to play the video 'Lesson 2 - Measure Mass'

3) Click 'Get the activity'. If you can't print this off, could you write your answers down on a piece of paper?

4) Click 'Get the answers'. Can somebody mark this for you?

Here is a problem to finish with:

Break time

Time for a break! Try out a different activity from 'Kids Workouts To Do At Home':




Using the paper pack sent home, read the second part of the text from the story 'The Lion And The Mouse'. We have looked at this text in class, can you now have a go at this more independently and answer the questions? 


You could also read some of your home Reading book too, then choose an activity to complete from the 'Reading Grid' in the 'Reading Folder'. Ask your parents to ask you questions about what you have read.


I'm sure you are ready for some lunch now; remember to eat some healthy foods!



We are going to learn more about Herbivores, Carnivores and Omnivores. Listen to this song again to remind yourself of the differences between the groups:


In class we completed a Venn diagram to group different animals. Now do some research about 5 of your favourite animals to find out if they are Herbivores, Carnivores or Omnivores. Then research and write some sentences about what they like to eat. Remember to use your capital letters, finger spaces and full stops!

Story Time

Read along to the story 'Hairy Maclary from Donaldson's Dairy':


Have a fantastic day! I am missing you all!


Miss Sykes laugh