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Tuesday 24th March 2020

Hi to the best class in the school - 3/4M


It is great to be able to write on here today as I couldn't get on yesterday and had to ask Miss North to post for me. I feel much better now I am able to speak to you all myself. 


How strange this all feels at the moment!


I hope your first day of learning from home went well. Mr Martin, Jacob and I enjoyed participating in Joe Wicks' live PE lesson yesterday and we will definitely be using this to start off each day. I would really recommend it and I will be thinking of you guys whilst I bounce around my living room!


We then did some reading and timestable rockstars. (I am going to complete my studio level so that I can arrange some live competitions with you all. Keep watching for further details.) We managed to go for a walk in the woods where there were no people, so that was good, as we got some fresh air. 


In the afternoon, I worked hard on some of my own e-learning that Mrs Allen has set for the teachers. So it was a busy day. I hope you all had a busy day too and feel like you achieved something. 


Work for today: 


Maths - I would like you to watch Year 3, Lesson 2 - Making the Whole - on White Rose website. Then complete the worksheet. (If you are able to print it then that is good but if not just write out the answers in the book I provided.) The answers are available for you to mark your work but remember not to look at these until you have had a go.

I would also like you to have a go at Year 4, Lesson 1 - Recognising tenths and hundreths.

Both years 3 and 4 can have a go at both activities. 

Finally, please log into TT rockstars and spend 30 minutes practising your times tables.


Reading - Please spend 30 minutes reading one of your AR reading books and if you complete it then log in and do the quiz. You can then look at the reading grid and choose one of the activities to complete linked to your book. 


SPAG -  Log into your Classroom Secrets account and have a go at the following: 

Year 3 - Antonym activity 1.

Year 4 - Adjectives, nouns and noun phrases.


You also have the worksheets that I provided so you can work your way though these too.


Make sure you take a break and spend some quality time with your loved ones too. How about keeping a diary of these times. (This could be historical evidence in the future!)

Try to do one kind thing for your loved ones each day as it will make both them and you feel good. 


In the afternoon, choose one of the tasks from our topic web and spend an hour or so working on that. You could also go on the art hub for kids and try recreating some cartoon art. 


I am hoping to start to record a chapter a day of a 'bedtime story', which I will post on our facebook page. I will try to start this tomorrow, so keep an eye on Facebook for updates. 

I miss you all already. Take care and stay safe.


Quote of the day:

You are:


than you believe


than you seem and


than you think


Mrs Martin. xx