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Tuesday 24th March

Hello my wonderful class. I really hope the first day of home learning went well and you managed with all the different passwords etc. 

I spent Monday in school, making sure all was sorted. Myself and Mrs Ahmed sat in the office taking phone calls, and were genuinely sad that we find ourselves without you all at the minute. 

On arriving home, I played in the garden with Seth - he's already bored of staying inside, so we made the best of it. I got his mini car out, and he had great fun. These are the sorts of moments I'm looking forwards to over this period, and I hope you can enjoy the same sort of experiences. I have also made some time to read, like I asked you to, and am enjoying a cricket autobiography by Joe Root. As I'm writing this on Monday evening, I plan to have a go at the family cooking tonight (everyone pray for Lauren and Seth please angel). I'm going to make Fajitas - what can go wrong? 

I'm constantly thinking of you all, and really don't know what I'm going to do without you all. I know you will all be thinking, 'I miss my amazing teacher - he really is the best'. 


I heard a name I have never heard before today and thought it was lovely: Meru. I don't know why I'm sharing that with you - just thinking out loud. 

Anyway, I'll be quiet now, and leave you to your second day of home learning. You guys are the best. 


Challenge 1: Do/say something nice to one of your family members - people are struggling right now - kind words and actions mean a lot. 


We start the day with PE again - Joe Wicks is doing a PE video for children at home. Exercise is going to be vital if we are stuck inside. Rest assured, I will be doing this as well.


Maths: I'd like you to go over the videos for the first 4 days. We've done all of the worksheets, but anything you want more practice on, you should do these again. 


Your next maths activity is on Classroom Secrets Kids. Make sure you click on the kids part before trying to log in.  Sign in to your account, then go to maths. I'd like you to find the activity 'Year 6 Reasoning Test Practice 2'. On the same site, complete arithmetic revision 1 and 2. These can be done with paper from your exercise book. Your final maths activity is to complete 25 minutes on Times Table Rockstars. It doesn't matter if you know them all, you can always get quicker. 


Reading: This activity starts the same as yesterday. I'd like you to make sure that you continue reading the book you started yesterday. I'd like you to sit somewhere cozy, get comfortable, and spend at least an hour reading. We will be aiming to have finished a book by the end of the week, so we can complete an Accelerated Reader Test. After this I'd like you to discuss what you have been reading with either a family member, or one of your classmates if you are remaining in contact via phones etc. Following this discussion, in your exercise book, I'd like you to write a 10 sentence summary of what you have read over the last 2 days. 


Grammar: Go to Classroom Secrets Kids. Click on Year 6, GPS. I'd like you to complete the tasks titled 'Punctuation' and 'Identifying Verbs in Sentences'. 

Then click on the Year 6 Spelling tab and do the Spelling word search 2 and 3.


Enjoy a healthy lunch.



Continue your topic activity from yesterday - you should use your planning and research to create a final piece. 


Computing: Access the first Code for Life block, Levels 1-12 (the link is in the Computing folder). 


Miss you all, even the strange noises the boys make!


Mr R-H