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Tuesday 24th March

Morning 5G.

Hopefully you got all the tasks done yesterday. It was very strange being at home all day and I missed seeing you all and hearing how your weekend had been.

First job this morning is to look on youtube for Joe Wicks, he is going to be doing a live PE lesson at 9am every morning. Lots of children all over the world who can't get into school are doing it every morning - I'm going to have a go tomorrow with my children.

Today's maths is on the classroom secrets (link below) don't forget to type in your user name and password carefully, using capital letters in the right places and a space between your first name and last name. Practice the arithmetic skills you know are your weaker points. Also, I would like everybody to try the Multiplying and Dividing by 10, 100 and 1000 game.

For Reading I'm also going to ask you to use the classroom secrets today. Again, the link is below. Whilst on there have a play on the synonym and antonym games. 

I've checked accelerated reader and only two of you have quizzed today, so don't forget you can quiz on the books you took home (aim to score 80% or above).

For Computing, access the first Code for Life block, Levels 1-12 (the link is in the Computing folder).

Finally, I've put a link to a cool science experiment video. Some you might even be able to try a couple at home - don't make a mess.

Right that's it for today. Have fun and I'll speak to you tomorrow.

Mrs Garside


PE - Joe Wicks on you tube