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Tuesday 28th April

Good morning 5G


I hope lots of you had a go at Accelerated Reading yesterday, I sent your mums and dads an email showing you all how to log on from home. I also showed them how to find new things to read and get the quiz codes for these. It is so important you keep reading, so I want you to promise to find time to do some reading for pleasure today. I am currently reading a book which we will be studying next year it's called 'A Soldier's Friend', it is very good and yesterday I tool my dinner break in the garden and read for half an hour in the sun, it was so relaxing. 


Also, yesterday the School Facebook page saw the launch of our Random Acts of Kindness week. If you haven't see Miss Day's video ask your grown ups to have a look. I am going to make sure I do some random acts of kindness this week, I want to hear what you have been doing and if grown ups give permission I will share them on the Facebook page with the other children's. If you are stuck follow this link which gives you lots of ideas of things you could do.


Right back to work, first lesson is Maths, its from the white rose and it is subtracting decimals - we have done this during arithmetic practice. You know what to do.

Summer Term – Week 2 (w/c 27th April) - Lesson 2 - Subtracting decimals with the same number of decimal places


Next lesson is Guided Reading we are continuing with Private Peaceful, I hope yesterdays task learning about Big Joe has given you a hook to get reading - I think he sounds like a really interesting character and some of the parts seem quite funny as well. I have taken pictures of the first chapter so you can print it out if you want to, the link is below with questions to answer on the first chapter only. If you decide to read the whole book online through the link or find it as an audio book, you can do an Accelerated Reader test on it - Private Peaceful Morpurgo, Michael AR Quiz No. 206723. 

For English, we are carrying on with out Spag focus and I have another set of Spag questions, challenge yourself to the more difficult questions if you found yesterday easy. Check you are correct using the answer sheet and anything you didn't understand go to the BBC Bitesize link to find out.

I hope you have all been keeping up with a bit of Daily exercise, today I have the link to yesterdays Joe Wicks -

If you didn't do it then have a go now!


Finally today, I am going to send you back to BBC Bitesize for some fun Science learning. There are lots of topics available and fun and educational videos to help you learn - choose a topic that most interests you and when I see you next you will be able to wow me with your amazing Scientific facts. Why not make a Science fact file about what you learn? There are also some interactive games you can play on.


Have fun, stay safe and I will speak to you tomorrow.


Mrs Garside