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Tuesday 28th April 2020

Good Morning 2S,


How did you get on with yesterday's work? Did you get full marks on your mental arithmetic test? How are your descriptions of the Moon coming along? They must be looking really good by now. Wasn't the RE work lovely? I hope it really helped you to appreciate our wonderful world, especially now when things are so difficult and we can't travel anywhere to see such lovely places. Did you do some singing, too? Isn't it brilliant that one of the songs links so well to our Topic. I think you should sing 'The Planets' everyday this week to really learn it well:


In our Topic lessons this week, we're moving onto 'Science and Materials'. You can still keep going with any of these Zoom to the Moon challenges, though: 

Here's the rest of today's work:





Here’s my description after 3 days:

The Moon is a natural satellite that is 4.5 billion years old. It orbits the Earth and also rotates every 27 days. It is grey and white in colour and the surface is dusty with lots of craters. If you were on the Moon, you would not be able to hear any sound because there is no air. Also, if you dropped two objects, like a heavy hammer and a light feather, they would land at the same time. As there is no air, there is no resistance. Everything and everybody would feel lighter on the Moon than they do on Earth. A person who weighs 60kg on Earth would only weigh 10 kilograms on the Moon because the Earth is 6 times bigger than the Moon. This makes the astronauts look like they are bouncing across the Earth’s surface. They wear protective suits and carry oxygen tanks so that they can breathe. The astronauts travelled across the Moon in a space buggy which looks like great fun and they left a US flag there.



Edit your description again. Remember to check for CL and FS and make sure that every sentence makes sense. Also check your spelling – you can use Google. Make sure that your facts link together well.


Your final video clip is a NASA Tour of the Moon:


These questions will help you collect extra facts for your description.




This is your last chance to add to your Moon description. I can't wait to read them.


Please start with a page from the Flashbacks saved in the Maths folder. You should be on Week 4 Day 2. Remember to press play to start the PowerPoint presentation and then click to reveal the answers when you've worked them out.


We're now moving on to telling the time at 5 minute intervals. Work through this PowerPoint:

I'd like you to do page 7 and page 8 from your Time Home Learning Pack:

Please finish off with your Problems of the Day:


Yesterday your task was to rank the reading books that you have read starting with your favourite and giving reasons for your order.


Today, I'd like you to write a Book Review of your favourite book.


  • Title
  • Author
  • Illustrator
  • This book is about...
  • My favourite character is...
  • The best thing that happens in the book is when...
  • This book reminds me of...
  • I would recommend this book to...     because...


I'd love to see some of your book reviews if you can send me a photograph or even type them on an email to me.



Today we are going to identify a range of materials around us. Do you already know what a material is? Can you see any materials around your house now?


Read through this PowerPoint:

Here's part one of your task:
Name the materials by filling in the missing letters and draw a picture of each material.

Now for part 2 of your task but you can choose how you would like to do this:


  • You could write 7 lists of objects from all around your home - even outside in your garden - that are made from each of the materials that you have drawn and labelled in Task 1.
  • You could collect lots of objects from around your home and sort them into groups depending on what they are made from. Photographs would be good evidence of this.
  • You could use post-it notes or little labels to identify the materials on a range of objects. 

You might come up with your own idea.

Share your work with me if you can.


Have a great day - and remember to do your best and most importantly: BE GOOD for your parents.


See you tomorrow,

Love from 

Mrs Stansfield xxx