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Tuesday 28th April

Hi everyone, hope you're all doing well.


I'm sat writing this looking out at the weather. It's not sunny today like it has been almost every day so far. That makes this whole thing seem a lot worse. I'm feeling down about everything today. I miss the adults at school, but most of all I miss you guys. I know we often make fun of each other, but I really do think the world of you and can't wait until this is all over. Anyway Mr Raven-Hill, pull yourself together! 


Keep doing your Accelerated Reader tests! I'm attaching a link of how to again! Keep doing exercise! Keep sending me cool photos and videos! Keep being thankful that you have the greatest teacher! Have a great day!

For maths today I'd like you to focus on the white rose home learning. It's continuing our work on angles. If you haven't done the lessons from last week - you MUST go back and watch the videos. Watch the video for Summer Term week 2 Lesson 2, then do the worksheets and check the answers. This is about angles in regular shapes (ones that have the same side lengths and angles).



Next lesson is Guided Reading we are continuing with Private Peaceful, I hope yesterdays task learning about Big Joe has given you a hook to get reading - I think he sounds like a really interesting character and some of the parts seem quite funny as well. I have taken pictures of the first chapter so you can print it out if you want to, the link is below with questions to answer on the first chapter only. If you decide to read the whole book online through the link or find it as an audio book, you can do an Accelerated Reader test on it - Private Peaceful Morpurgo, Michael AR Quiz No. 206723. 

For English we are doing another SPAG lesson. This one is on commas, brackets and dashes. There are two videos to watch and three activities.

Please ensure you do them all.

Yesterday I got sent a video of one of our lads doing his fitness work out. His plank was really impressive! I really liked the fact you had made a video of you encouraging yourself - a good mix of PE and ICT. Who else can send me something that will impress me? Happy to see anything, even tic toc dances! Email me on


Finally today, I am going to send you back to BBC Bitesize for some fun Science learning. There are lots of topics available and fun and educational videos to help you learn - choose a topic that most interests you and when I see you next you will be able to wow me with your amazing Scientific facts. Why not make a Science fact file about what you learn? There are also some interactive games you can play on.