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Tuesday 28th April


Hello again! 


Tuesday already - yay! 


Thanks for your emails yesterday - we've started a new tab on the reception home pages called 'Our Photos' so we can upload the photos you send us - take a look!


What did we do yesterday?


Miss Day: My Monday got off to a great start because Holly woke up in a super helpful mood. We went to let the chicks and chickens out for the day and then did our Joe Wicks. Holly gets a bit bored in the middle so she plays with Nora but I keep on going. 

Then - as a super AMAZING - random act of kindness I got brought a lovely strawberry croissant and Holly did lots of vaccuming! 


Did you see the video I did for the school facebook page yesterday? You've all been challenged to do a random act of kindness. Can you do it? The link is at the bottom of this page...


Sending positive vibes... Miss Day :) 


Mrs Atkinson: it has been a pretty quiet start to the week for me. We didn’t do much just played all day! Iris keeps telling me she is doing a magic show but I don’t think she understands what they are! I saved my daily walk until later on. It was lovely and peaceful! 

Sign language alphabet

Miss Day loves a bit of sign language, would you like to learn all the alphabet in sign language?