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Tuesday 28th April


Good morning everyone!
How was your Monday?

Did you have a go at money patterns yesterday? Did you a find any coins to look at?

Today we are going to look at musical patterns! Hooray! I love music!

Watch the video below. It’s full of music!

Then try the worksheet for today :)

Happy Tuesday

Musical patterns - Tuesday 28th April

Tasks Today:


1 - Can you play musical patterns with your families? Find things that make noise and see if you can make patterns. 

Remember, after every pattern say what the rule is. What is your pattern you have made?


2 - Can you listen to 'We will Rock You' by Queen? Bash and clap along with the pattern! Turn it up! 


Have fun! 


Tomorrow we will have a sheet all about musical patterns! Get those brains working! :) 

Have a look at these patterns from our class members! Amazing!