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Tuesday 2nd June


Hello everyone!

How are you all? 


Lots of the staff at school went back to work today. It was very strange! 


What have we been up to?

Miss Day: I went back to school today - it was very strange getting up an getting ready for work! I made my lunch box all ready to go! It was lovely to see some of our team, Miss Smith, Miss Newburn & Mrs Atkinson but we had to keep our distance and wave across the classroom. 

We had a LOT of jobs to do and our classroom was a bit messy because it's been used for all the other children during lockdown. We've done lots of sorting and tidying today - you'd be very impressed. 


I was excited to go home as I missed my girls LOTS! I drove home at 4pm and spent some time with the girls in the garden. Our next door neighbours have had new baby chicks too  - so Holly introduced them to Nora so she could play with them. She loved it! Holly went our for a walk yesterday and found a tree swing. I am very jealous of all the fun they had while I was at work!


Stay safe everyone!

Miss Day :)