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Tuesday 2nd June 2020



The reading task for today is an inference task. You need to look at the picture and then answer the following questions about the image. Use the attached recording sheet for your answers.



1. What happened before this picture?


2. Why do you think the bin fell over?


3. Why are the cat and dog touching paws?


4. How do you think the cat and dog are feeling?


5. Do you think the cat and dog were trying to find something? If so, what were they trying to find and why?


6. What title would you give this image and why?


7. What do you think will happen next?




This week, we will be focusing on a video called Marshmallows in our writing activities. Watch the first video below to start with.

Marshmallow Clip Lesson 1.mp4

Still image for this video

You will now need to write a description of the monster creeping up on the boy. 

Use ‘show not tell’ writing.  Leave the reader guessing what it is.  Just give clues.


Showing: As his mother switched off the light and left the room, Michael tensed. He huddled under the covers, gripped the sheets, and held his breath as the wind brushed past the curtain.

Telling: Michael was terribly afraid of the dark.


You can also draw a picture of the monster beside it.


Today's lesson will be Lesson 2 - Subtract fractions


Here is the worksheet and the answers. 

This afternoon, you have an RE task to complete. For the summer term we are learning about Sikhism. 


Please look though the slides and then complete the tasks. 

I have also added some STEM activities which you may like to try this week.