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Tuesday 2nd June

Morning lovely people, and all the ugly ones! 


It was awesome to see some of the year 6s yesterday. I think they really enjoyed being back, and I loved being able to chat to them and have lunch on the field etc. It did make me feel sad about how we're not all able to be together. 

I asked after all of you, and who had been speaking to whom. Feel free to send a message to your friends of anything you want to know from me. I've heard that some of you are not good at replying to each other, and instead just send endless Tik Toks of weird videos - you're better than this!


This is the last day of the good weather I believe so make the most of it - do some of your work outside if you can. I'm going to spend the first hour of today reading Goodnight Mr Tom with the kids - we're going to go and socially distance on the field, and listen to the story in the sunshine. I'm excited! 


Missing you as always - it'd be great to hear from you all through email. Please can you ALL send me an email to update me on how you are doing, any concerns you have, and any fun stories and things you have been doing.



For maths today you are going to look at Fractions, decimals and percentages and how to find equivalent values of each.

Watch the videos and then complete the sheets:

Mrs Walker's group A

Click on the file below to get your work for today.

Mrs Walker's group B

Click here to watch a video about using the bus stop method for division, then complete the worksheet below.

For reading you are going to read chapter 1 of Goodnight Mr Tom, you will then answer the questions based on impressions. These are all 3 mark answer questions. 

Mrs Walker's A and B groups

For English I'd like you to continue to build on your story writing skills. This is about building character and complexion.

Please watch the videos and do the 3 activities.

Mrs Walker's A and B groups

This afternoon we have some Science, an experiment about recycling paper. I know we talk about the environment a lot at school and we are good at making sure we recycle paper in class. This shows you the process of recycling and you can have a go at making some recycled paper of your own. Look at the website -

This is just one of the experiments on the website, there are also lots of fun videos to watch if you want look for more amazing experiments to do. Let me know if you try any others.