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Tuesday 30th June

For maths today you are going to calculate ratios.


Watch the videos and complete the worksheets.

Week 10 lesson 2.


Mrs Walker's group A

Today you are going to add up to 20 using a number line.  Remember to check your work using the answer sheet when you have finished.

Mrs Walker's group B

Today's lesson is about negative numbers and temperature.  Before you start watch this video.

For English I'd like you to focus completely on your 500 word story today.


Really think hard about the depth of your characters - think about the different sides of their personalities. We've done loads of story writing throughout our time together; so think carefully about the build up (create suspense for the reader), and what the flashpoint will be. Finish off with a resolution.


I'm looking forwards to reading some of these!

Mrs Walker's A and B groups


Read the information about Eid-al-Fitr and answer the questions.


Today you are going to learn how to use a thesaurus.  Read how to use a thesaurus and then complete the worksheet.


This afternoon I want you to be active.

Here's a few things that you could try:


You could dance with Oti & Marius:


You could work out with Joe Wicks:


or you could dance along to Dynamite: