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Tuesday 30th June

Hi Year 3, 


I had a lovely day yesterday, out and about visiting children from our class. I visited 6 children and it was lovely to see each of them and to talk to them face to face. It made me realise how much I am missing seeing your smiling faces every day. It was great to hear their news and see what they have been doing at home. 


I have lots more visits planned for this week (including 8 today), so hopefully I will have seen you all by the end of the week. 


See you soon.


Love from 


Mrs Martin

Hi Year 3! 

Yesterday I had a fab day visiting lots of you at home and talking to you face to face after all this time. It made me really emotional and I am missing you more than ever! 

I can’t wait to see lots more of you in the next few days, catching up with you and your grownups on how you’ve been and what you’ve been up to. 

If your grownups haven’t arranged a visit already or I’ve not rung you already to do so, I will be ringing you today to do so for the rest of the week.


It has been so lovely to see you. Speak soon,

Miss North x 



Today's maths learning is all about 2D shapes. Can you name any 2D shapes in the picture below?


Watch the video below and then complete the worksheet attached.

Year 3 - Week 10 - Lesson 2 - Recognise and describe 2D shapes.mp4

Still image for this video



Today's reading activity is about a picture called 'A Prince'. 

Look closely, are there any clues which help us to understand the context of the picture?



Using your inference skills, answer the questions below:


  • What can you see? What do you think? What do you wonder? Discuss and/or record your ideas on the sheet linked below.
  • Who – or what – smashed the glass?
  • Was the frog there before, or did it enter the frame afterwards?
  • Why are there water droplets inside the frame?
  • Who holds the key?
  • Why is there a tag reading ‘Prince’?
  • Is the frog a prince?
  • Does this remind you of any stories you know? How is it similar/different?



I have included a video which shows Angelica Bell launching the 500 words Black Lives Matter competition. 


I want you to think about creating your characters today. Think back to the research about famous black role models that you did yesterday. When you are creating a character you need to consider lots of different things. You might want to ask yourself the following questions.


  • What is your character’s name?
  • What does your character look like?
  • Does your character speak or make any sounds?
  • What interests or pet hates does your character have?
  • Does your character have a hobby? What do they do?
  • Where does your character live?
  • Does your character have a family?


I have included a character profile template to help you. Tomorrow we will begin to plan the events that happen in the story. 


Have fun creating your characters.

Character Profile Sheet



Today is the final lesson on the Sikh Rites of Passage. Have a look through the PowerPoint, then complete the activity attached below.