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Tuesday 31st March

Good morning lovely people. 


I received lots of emails yesterday, and it was genuinely lovely to hear from you and your families. I hope to do a lot more of this as it makes us still feel like a class and also let me answer any questions or concerns that you all have. One person sent me a particularly funny email, with lots of pictures etc. If you wish to get in contact, and tell me what you've been up to, or even just ask me some random questions etc, just ask to use your parents email account and send a message. I'll get back to you as soon as I can. 


I spent lots of Monday doing planning for your activities, and also activities for when we get back to school. Myself, Lauren and Seth took a long walk, stopping at the farm shop to buy food for the week. Only 1 person was allowed in, so me and Seth stood outside, looking at the amazing views, singing strange nursery rhymes. Only after about the 5th song, did I look over my shoulder, and see other people waiting outside, laughing at me and Seth. 


That's it for today. Let's get on with some work.


I'm going to write this next part in capitals to make it stand out! ONLY 3 OF YOU HAVE DONE ACCELERATED READER TESTS SO FAR! THIS IS NOT GOOD ENOUGH 6R-H. 

For Maths today, can you go to week 2 of the home learning on white rose. Watch the video as many times as you need, and then do the activity sheet - check your answers at the end. If you've got any wrong, you will need to do corrections, showing full working out.

It is lesson 2 - step  7 and includes lots of problem solving. 


I'd then like you to complete these problems on the same objective. Either do the expected questions (page 1) or the Greater Depth questions (page 2). The answers are in the other document.

For reading - today you should continue to read your book/start a new one. Reading is such an important skill in life, and in times like this, is something you can find real comfort in. I really hope to see more of you accessing Accelerated Reader tests this week - and also ensuring that when you finish a book, you do an activity from the reading activity sheet.


Next, complete the next entry of your diary. If you are feeling any negative thoughts about what is going on, I'd like you to explore them in this entry. Pull on the heart strings of your reader!


Lunch - do your Joe Wicks workout,

and then enjoy today's song of the day:

This is a song named El Salvador - one of our class is from there, so I thought it was fitting. 


For the afternoon, can you complete the 2nd topic activity that you chose - you should have already accomplished the planning stage, so now get on to the main part of the activity. 


For Computing, Mrs Buttery has asked that we access Code for Life levels 29-32. You'll be using loops with conditions this week. These are starting to get trickier, so take care when you are completing them. You'll find the link in the Computing folder. 


Please know that you are all in my thoughts.


Mr R-H