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Tuesday 31st March 2020

Good morning again 2S,


I emailed most of your parents yesterday (there were just 2 who I didn't have email addresses for) so that you can contact me if you have any problems, if you want to share your work with me or if you just want to let me know what you have been up to. Last week felt really strange so I hope that this will make things better.


I hope that you are all well.


Try your best with today's tasks and I look forward to hearing from you.


Mrs Stansfield x


If you haven't received an email, please email the school office:

Phonics: Have a quick practice of this week's spellings (remember that it is -est) by completing this task:


Please start as usual with a page from the Flashbacks that are saved in the Maths folder. You should be on Week 2 Day 2 today.



Now do these challenges:

Here are today's problems to finish your Maths work for today:



Let’s think about an introduction to your diary.

You will need to explain:

  • why life is rather different right now;
  • where you are and who you are with;
  • why you have decided to write a diary.



Here’s my WAGOLL:

Life is rather different right now because of the Coronavirus. To keep us safe, we have all been asked to stay in our homes as much as possible to stop this virus from spreading. I am at home with my husband, Mark, and my two daughters, Georgia and Lilia. I have decided to write this diary to record what I have been doing. I will write about the most important parts of my day – not the boring bits – and my thoughts and feelings.


For your Reading work today, we're going to do something different that I think you will like.

You will need your Classroom secrets login (which starts with 33133).  Please login first before you click the link below.

There's a poster to read about amphibians and then 8 questions to do.

You may need to:

  • type answers;
  • click on the answers
  • click on the boxes to put ticks in. (Watch out though, if it says 'these' it means more than one box will need to be ticked.)
  • Move the boxes.


Don't forget about reading your own reading books too. Ask your parents if there are words that you don't understand. Answer any questions that they ask you, too.


Some of you can also do an Accelerated Reader quiz.




Did anyone draw the tiger yesterday? For today's work about big cats, you will need to look again at the 7 continents. I'd also like you to revise the 5 oceans, too. They are key learning for the end of KS1 and most of you were really good at knowing about these last time we did them. 



Now add the names of the continents and oceans to this map. Copy the spellings carefully, please.

The continents are made up of lots of countries.

Use the internet - safely, of course - to find out where these species of big cats live. Which countries do they live in? Which continent are these countries in?


A good place to start is typing into Google: Where do lions live?


Big Cats to research:


Bengal Tiger

White Bengal Tiger

Black Leopard


Snow Leopard