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Tuesday 31st March 2020

Good morning 3N!


Miss North: It was so lovely to be able to email some of you yesterday to find out what had been going on at home. If you haven’t checked yet, get your grownups to check their emails (and spam) to see if I have emailed them. I didn’t have 5 children’s email addresses, so if I definitely haven’t emailed you, you can email the office to pass on your email address, and I will reply as quickly as possible.


Mrs Buttery: It is Monday evening, George is in bed and I'm about to watch a film with Mr Buttery. Have you watched any good films lately? I've started watching the new Aladdin and Lion King films with George but we still need to finish them. I really liked the new Dumbo film though, have you seen that one?

If you work with Miss Johnson, please use the work from the folder below:


Complete another day of you blog. I have attached mine from yesterday below, so that you can have a browse for inspiration. Click the link below to go back to yesterday’s page, to find out what you could write about.




I’ll have to be honest 3N, I completely forgot to make my toilet roll animal today, as I’ve been so busy! I will definitely remember to make one today and show you tomorrow.

For today’s activity, I would like you to think about creating your own time capsule which will show children of the future what life was really like in 2020 whilst the COVID 19 virus was happening.


In writing, you have begun to write a blog.


Think about what else you could include in your time capsule. Photos, newspaper clippings, handprints of your family members, description of how you are feeling right now, a description of a typical day right now.


I am sure you will also come up with many other ideas to include in your time capsule. 


Like always; Stay safe, keep smiling and we'll see you soon!


Miss North and Mrs Buttery