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Tuesday 31st March 2020


Good morning 4A, 


I absolutely loved hearing from you all yesterday! Thank you so much to all the parents who took their time to respond to my check in email and sent photos and videos. You are all doing such a good job with your learning, I am so proud! 

If you did not receive an email  yesterday, we may not have an email or the most up to date email on our school's system. Please send an email to 


Please email me for anything - I will aim to respond as soon as possible.


My day consisted of lots of work at my laptop as well as a chiropractor appointment via Zoom. As you know, I hurt my back in November and have had issues with it ever since. I am keeping strong and plodding along and I want you all to do the same. If you're having a tricky day, take some time out, spend time with your family and do things you enjoy. 


Keep smiling and remember, I am here if you need anything 


Lots of love, Miss Anwar x



Let's start our day with a little wakeup shakeup and do some Joe Wickes exercises can you believe we are on day 7 of this?! 



 Please complete Lesson 2 - Step 7 - Hundredths

we had some really great feedback about the maths work.


Keep practicing telling the time! We have three clocks in our classroom (four including the clock on my laptop) yet they all had different times!! Remember to practice an hour before an hour after, half an hour before, half an hour after, a quarter of an hour before, a quarter of an hour after. 



I have always loved this quote and it is so true. Read, read, read. Exposing yourself to a variety of texts will enrich your vocabulary and improve your writing skills. 

I have just finished re-reading "A Thousand Splendid Suns" by Khaled Hosseini. Remember to keep quizzing too! 



Please continue with the writing task from yesterday 



Create your own rainbow using whatever materials you choose. Many children around the world are designing their own rainbows and putting them in their windows to show solidarity. Let's create our own Fixby set of rainbows to show our support. You can ask a grownup to upload a picture of your art work in the comments underneath the post about this activity on our Facebook page, so we can share the love!  I love this image below as it is very creative!



Speak to you tomorrow. 


Miss Anwar x