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Tuesday 31st March

Hi 3/4M


This morning, I sent the majority of you an email and it was fantastic to receive some replies back from you guys. It was great to hear how you are doing and I especially enjoyed receiving the photos showing me what you are getting up to at home. It you have not received an email from me (there are only 5 of you who haven't) then please ask your grown up to send an email to me, so that I have their email address to reply to. My email is


I nearly forgot that it was my turn to record the morning greeting for our Facebook page today and so I had to rush getting ready, which meant that we had to change the order of our day and do out PE lesson this afternoon. This has make me feel all back to front today!!


I have had another busy day, I have been researching some topic work and finding books which we can use for reading and writing. I have also been busy teaching Jacob. 


I didn't remind you to do the spelling test yesterday, so if you didn't do it can you please do it today? The spellings were sent to you on Thursday last week so your grown ups can access them there. I have attached a new set of spellings to learn this week. 


I have also attached the answers to the 10 minute maths and SPAG mats from Friday last week. 

I have put new mats on for which I will post the answers tomorrow. 


Work for today:



White Rose:

Year 3 - Lesson 2 - Fractions of a set of objects

Year 4 - Lesson 2 Hundredths


Can you also please spend a minimum of 30 minutes on TT Rockstars. (I will record my forfeit from Friday's competition which the girls lost and post it shortly!)



I have attached some reading comprehensions - the answers are attached but please check these after you have answered the questions. 


I would also like you to spend 30 minutes reading your AR book and doing a quiz if you are ready. I will log on and have a look at where we all are with quizes and will send you a personal email about your progress this week. Don't forget to use the reading grid which gives you ideas of activities that you can complete with your book. 



Complete the new SPAG mat. 

Classroom Secrets:

Year 3 - Speech Punctuation Game

Year 4 - Recognising Apostrophes


Have a healthy lunch and a take a brain break. 


This afternoon, I would like you to become a scientist. Check out the science activities on the science grid. 

I have also attached a copy of another sheet I found with some great STEM activities. 


Quote of the Day:

Shoot for the Moon

Even if you miss

You'll land amongst the stars. 


Love Mrs Martin