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Tuesday 31st March

Good Morning 5G


Hope you all had a good day yesterday and managed to increase your scores on the Arithmetic test. I have sent emails to most families yesterday, so if any one has any problems with any of the work you can contact me. If you haven't received an email from me please email and Mrs Good will ensure I get your contact email address so I can sent you an initial email. Yesterday I also challenged you to make a toilet roll animal, I've attached a picture of mine below. If you want to send me pictures of your crafts, please do by email and I can put them on the 5G page for us to share.

Let's start with Maths this morning. White Rose have put new lessons on for this week's learning, make sure you go into week 2 and look at lesson 1 : Rounding decimals. They have also included a Flashback 4 as a starter to keep all our previously learnt skills in our memory. Watch the video and then have a go at the work sheet. There is an answer sheet so you check how you have done.
Next lesson Guided Reading, I am attaching an extract from Tom Gates (I'm following on from the diary theme from yesterday). So read the extract and try to answer the questions. It might also give you a bit of inspiration to help you with the writing task. Don't forget to keep adding to your diary. I am attaching a few reminders about the correct way to write a diary, so check and edit what you did yesterday as well. 

I also know from speaking to different parents that some of you are struggling to get onto the websites we have told you to use. I've put links below so click on these and then try the passwords again, see if this helps. They have all been added into the Website links folder as well.

Accelerated Reader:


Next, I have found an amazing website that has lots of science experiments on it. They all have videos to watch but some are super-easy and just use things from around the home, so you might be able to try them out. Click on the link and I promise you will be amazed. 


Now, if we were at school you would be swimming this afternoon. I can't bring that into your home unfortunately.  However, I am going to send you to the GONoodle website again (its free) they have added some new stuff this week and it's a fun way to keep active.


For Computing, Mrs Buttery has asked that we access Code for Life levels 29-32. You'll be using loops with conditions this week. These are starting to get trickier, so take care when you are completing them. You'll find the link in the Computing folder. 


I also found this whilst searching for fun things to do. Most of you are going to love it. I do! Ready for washing your hands version of Baby Shark. Sing and dance along and have fun.


Stay safe. See you tomorrow.

Mrs Garside