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Tuesday 5th January 2021


Good morning!

Let's start the day off with some exercise! Exercise in a morning helps with your mental health and staying positive, so let's start our learning off with some fun!

Have a go at Joe Wick's '5 Minute Move':



I have attached this week's spellings below. Have a read of them. Do you know what any of the words mean? 

Practise spelling them 3 times, then have a go at putting them in a sentence. Remember: what do you need to use to make a perfect sentence? (Clue CL and FS)



In maths this week, we would have been completing our topic on addition and subtraction. Today you will be practising adding two 3-digit numbers, and today will not have any exchanges in the questions. 


First of all, complete the Flashback 4. Extra question: do you know what time is shown on the clock?


Watch the video clip below, which will show you how to answer 3-digit + 3-digit questions. We had already started exploring this before lockdown, so you should be able to do this. Just remember, don't forget to add the ones first, then tens, then hundreds. 


I have also attached the matching worksheet to go with this topic. Have a go at answering the questions. They will gradually get harder as you go through, but the video will help you to figure these out, so pay attention and watch closely. Remember to use the column addition method.

Aut3.7.4 - Add two 3-digit numbers - not crossing 10 or 100.mp4

Still image for this video

I would also like you to have a go at practising your times tables. 

I have attached some of the Time Table Award sheets below for you to practise at home. 

Guided Reading


Here's the front cover of our new book. Study it carefully and look at the details in the picture. You will then have some questions to answer.

We will start reading the book tomorrow. 


Think about the following sentence openers when you are predicting to uplevel your answers.



This half term we will be exploring the year 1066. Do any of you know what happened in this year?

Click the link below to find out....


When Edward the Confessor died without leaving an heir in 1066, it set in motion events which would lead to the end of the Anglo-Saxon era in England. 
What is an heir?


Have a look at the timeline of events that occurred in 1066:

Using the information that you have just explored from the photos and video, can you create a timeline of events for the year 1066?

I have attached 2 different templates below which you could use as ideas. Draw a small image in the box and write a caption (sentences) about what happened.

There are 8 sections for you to complete. 

Reading books


I hope you've already read the reading book that you took home before the holidays. If not, please read it to an adult now.


Now would also be a great time to sort out the books that you have at home. Make a pile of books that you are going to read. Some may be old favourites, whilst some may be ones that you have never read before. If you've got older brothers and sisters, maybe you can raid their collections, too!


Thank you for working so hard today. We would love to see your timelines.

Take a photo on a parent's phone and send it to me by email at

We could put some on this website for everyone to see!


Bye for now but we'll be back tomorrow with some more tasks for you.


Love from Miss North (and Miss Taylor) smiley