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Tuesday 5th May 2020

Good morning 2S,


Did your parents all receive my email yesterday? I hope they've replied to let me know if you're all okay.


How did you do with yesterday's work? I hope you've tried hard and done your best. You're making me very proud.


Today you'll be continuing with Length in Maths, but it will be linked to calculations, you'll be writing a blog in English and we'll be starting our VE Day project this afternoon.


Are you starting with Joe Wicks and his wife, Rosie? I will be.


Are you ready for the rest of your day's tasks? Well here goes:



How did you do with your spelling test yesterday? Did you get 10 out of 10 and remember the difference between wander and wonder?


I wonder how many words you could think of which start with an un- prefix. Here are this week's spellings. Did you think of all of these words?

Work through this PowerPoint:

You should be ready for these un- prefix activities now. Try the activities on slides 2, 3 and 4 today.


Use these prompts to write your own blog, imagining that you have been to the Moon. You will be able to include everything that you have learnt about the Moon in your blog.

I'd love to read them. Please send them to me when you've finished.


We're going to get straight into the Length tasks today, but I've got a Fractions Game for you to play at the end,


So, this is the lesson you're looking for:

Please listen carefully when he's talking about 'find the difference'. You should know that we use subtraction to find the difference and also for how much more/longer than and how much less/shorter than questions.
He also suggests that you measure any toys you have at home. This would be fantastic! What will you choose to measure?

Here are today's tasks. Print them out or just read them on your screen and write down the answers.

Don't forget that if you click next to the video, you can access the answers.

I promised you that I'd add a Fractions game for the end of today's Maths lesson. It does include counters and a dice to make, but if you've already got them from another game then just use those.


When you open today's reading task you should recognise the paragraph that I asked you to punctuate yesterday.

There are three different levels on today's 'All about Spring' text. Which will you challenge yourself to do?

The answers are included too.

Special work for V.E. Day.

As I told you yesterday, this week is a special one.

Here's a PowerPoint to help you learn why we are having a special day in the UK - and across the world - on Friday:

Each afternoon this week, I would like you to choose an activity (or more than one if you wish) from this grid. If you click on the underlined links they will take you to recipes, code information, dance instructions and much more. What will you choose to do? I can't wait to find out. Let me know through emails, photographs or videos. Have fun!



How about finishing off your day with some singing. 

You all love this song and I'm sure you're missing singing it.

See you tomorrow

Love from 

Mrs S xxx