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Tuesday 5th May

Happy Tuesday 3/4M


I hope you had a great start to the week yesterday. I look forward to receiving more photos and emails this week letting me know what you have been doing. 


I spent the day planning your work for this week and writing reports and obviously helping Jacob to do his work. He worked really hard yesterday and I was proud of him. 


The sun came out in the afternoon and we went for our usual daily walk. I just love being out in the countryside, it makes me feel so much better. I feel very lucky living where I do, as I am surrounded by beautiful countryside.



As this Friday is VE day, I have chosen a reading comprehension which explains what VE day is and why we celebrate it. 


Please read the text and complete the questions. Remember not to look at the answers until you have answered the questions yourself. 


VE Day Reading Comprehension



I thought that you could do some revision using the Classroom Secrets games today. I want you to definitely do the ones listed below, however you can also have a go at some of the others if you want to.


I have attached the links below but you will need to log in to access the games. 


Year 3 - their / there / they're

           - Recognising Direct Speech


Year 4 - Recognising Apostrophes

           - Sorting Apostrophes





Log into the White Rose site using the link to access the learning videos. I have attached the worksheets below. (You can still access them on the website this week)


Year 3 - Lesson 2 - Add Money

Year 4 - Lesson 2 - Multiply 3 digit by 1 digit


Also please do at least 30 minutes of TT Rockstars.

Take your lunch break and enjoy a rest and some time with your family. 


Some of you will have families who are fasting. Can you do something kind to help them out during this time?


This afternoon, I would like you to do some activities related to VE day. First of all I would like to read the article on the Newsround Website. I have attached the link below. 

VE Day Party Task

I would like you to plan your own 'Stay at Home' VE day party for your family. 


You could design an invitation, plan some games, make your own decorations, decide what food you will eat. 


I look forward to seeing some pictures of your work. 


The second task this afternoon is also linked to VE day. The phonetic Alphabet was used during the war in RAF transmissions. 


I would like you to learn how to spell your name using the phonetic alphabet. 

Phonetic Alphabet Activity

I hope you enjoy these tasks as you learn more about why we are celebrating on Friday this week.


Thought of the day:


Be a rainbow in someone else's cloud. 


Love from Mrs Martin