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Tuesday 6th October

This afternoon I want you to become artists. You are going to draw a still life image of a piece of fruit of your choice.


This task requires you to use your close observation skills to really look carefully at the piece of fruit.


Choose a piece from your house or use one of the photographs to copy. 


I have added some pictures and a powerpoint to give you some inspiration. 

Drawing Fruit Powerpoint

Take your time and choose whatever medium you wish for you picture, pencil, crayon, felt tip, paint. 


I can't wait to see some pictures of them. 



It is also important that we keep active whilst we are at home.


Why not try doing some of the Super Movers Timestable videos. I have attached a link. You will be staying active and learning your timestables all at the same time which is a double bonus. 

I have also added some PE activity cards from Joe Wicks. 


You can use just the cards or you could search for some of Joe's videos on the internet. 


Keep moving and keep smiling.