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Tuesday 9th June 2020


Good Morning Children and Your Parents laugh


How are you all this morning? I hope you are all keeping well.

How did you get on with yesterday’s activities? How many of you got full marks for your spellings?

Remember you can continue to email us your work and pictures. We always look forward to receiving your pictures and videos - they brighten up our days.


Today’s activities:

This is the link if you would like to start your day with Joe Wicks PE:



Click on website:



Play phase 5 sounds game – Phonics Picture Match Hard


Are you ready to play Alien phonics words?




Click on phase 5 games - Alien Phonic Words. First click any of the sounds to play the game. Your task is to identify the real and alien words.


We are now going to read to a story called ‘Winnie the Witch’. Whilst you are listening to the story see how many words with ‘ch’ and ‘tch’ you can identify. Click on the PDF document when you are ready to read the story.




Phonics Activities:

Activity 1: Did you enjoy reading the story? Your activity is to circle all of the ‘ch’ and ‘tch’ phoneme words.

Challenge: Choose five words from the story and make up your own sentences.



Activity 2: Cut the puzzle pieces and stick them together to match the word.



Break Time:

Let’s do a mindfulness activity. Just click on the video.

Sleeping Dragon | Guided Meditation for Kids | Peace Out

A guided meditation for kids telling a story about Dina - a young fiery female dragon! 🔥Through the story we learn how Dina uses her powerful breath to cool ...

Mental and oral starter Activity:

Today we would like you to practice your number bonds to 100. Write down your calculation and then you can check your answers at the end. Practice as many times as you need to. Click on the link when you are ready.


Today we are going to be representing numbers to 50 using tens and ones. Here is the PowerPoint- remember to click 'Slide Show' then 'From Beginning'.

Click on this link to watch a short video on using tens and ones:


There are also 3 short activities underneath the video that you could have a go at. 


Here is your task for today:



Today's problem of the day.



Break Time

I think it's time for us to get moving with Supermovers. Let’s try level 2 today.

When you are ready, click on the link to play the video.




Today we’re going to be learning about adjectives and similes.

If you can, open up the PowerPoint, but if not use the pdf.


Write out your similes for the sunflowers.

Here are a few hints if you’re struggling:


It’s stalk was as green as ____________________.

They were standing tall and smartly like ________________.

They covered the field like __________________________.

Millions of seeds were squashed in the centre like _____________________________________.

The flowers had petals as ________________________________________.

The sunflowers were as tall as ________________.

The sunflower opened towards the sun like ___________________________________.


These are my completed sentences with similes about sunflowers.

Are yours just as good or even better?

It’s stalk was as green as an emerald.

They were standing tall and smartly like soldiers.

They covered the field like a huge yellow blanket.

Millions of seeds were squashed in the centre like wasps in a hive.

The flowers had petals as bright as the sun itself.

The sunflowers were as tall as giants.

The sunflower opened towards the sun like a smiling face.

There are some extra similes tasks here if you would like to do them:


Lunchtime: You must be ready for your lunch by now. See you soon.


Guided Reading:

We are now going to listen to the first part of 'Stick Man'. Let’s see if your predictions were correct. Please click this link and stop listening at 1.43.



Stick Man (by Julia Donaldson and Axel Scheffler)

Reading Stick Man out loud

We will listen to more parts of the story each day this week. Remember, you can pause the story at any time to answer the questions. There is a fun maze puzzle for you to complete at the end! Here is your task:




Today in our topic work we are going to describe how daily weather patterns change over time and how weather may be different in inland/coastal areas.

The word inland means the weather in the country for example where we live.

The word coastal means the weather near the coast or sea for example like Filey, Scarborough, Whitby and Blackpool.

Click on the PowerPoint when you are ready.




Here are some pointers to help you as you work through the PowerPoint slides.


On the pictogram slides, ask questions about how many days there was rain, cloud, etc. during March and then July. Ask similar questions when discussing the inland and coastal pictograms.

Where do we live? Are we in a place which is inland or coastal? Can you find your local map using Google Maps?

What types of weather would you put on a pictogram for Huddersfield in June?

How would this be different for January?

Would the weather be different in Blackpool, which is coastal?


Weather Task 1:

Plot the given set of data on to your own pictogram. Then select the words which describe inland and coastal weather differences.




Extension Task:

Draw a picture showing the weather today in your local area.

Use the internet to look at the weather in Blackpool today.

Draw another picture showing this, writing sentences to describe each weather. 




Story Time:

Are you ready to finish your day with a story? Make sure you are sitting nice and comfortably. Click on the video when you're ready.


The Hula-Hoopin' Queen read by Oprah Winfrey

The Hula-Hoopin' Queen read by Oprah Winfrey, written by Thelma Lynne Godin and illustrated by Vanessa Brantley-Newton. Kameeka is confident that today she w...

We hope you have enjoyed your activities today and hope you all had a good day.


Bye for now and see you all tomorrow.


Love From 

Mrs Ahmad and Miss Sykes wink