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Tuesday 9th June 2020

Hi Year 4


I hope you are all well today.  We continued working hard at school planning lots of exciting work yesterday. I think Fixby will be better than ever when you return. 


Today is my mum's birthday and so I will be leaving school at 3.30pm to go and visit her in  her garden. I am going to take her a cake and we can sing Happy Birthday. I have missed lots of your birthdays over the last few weeks. Lockdown Birthdays are certainly ones that you won't forget. You will be telling your own children all about them in years to come. 


I hope you enjoy the work that we have posted for you below. I will speak to you tomorrow. Take care.


Love Mrs Martin.


Today's lesson is Adding Two 4 digit numbers with no exchange. Here is the video tutorial:


Here is the worksheet and answers:


The reading task for today is an inference activity, where you look for clues in the image to answer the questions. There are no answers for this activity - try to use your reading skills to infer sensible answers from the picture. You can record your answers in your exercise book or on the sheet provided.




1. What is happening in this image?




2. Why do you think this happened?




3. Where is this image set?




4. What title would you give this image and why?




5. Do you think there is anyone around the bottle?




6. What will happen next?




This week we will be focusing on writing some short pieces of writing about a video called 'Catch It'. 

A group of meerkats lovingly tend to a beloved and unique fruit in the middle of the savannah. One day, their peaceful existence is disrupted by a vulture intent on stealing their pride and joy.



Firstly, watch the video below...

Your task today is to write the story from a meerkat's point of view. You must describe what has happened, as if you are the meerkat, telling us your feelings and how the different parts of the story made you feel. 

There is a template for you to use below. Here is an example of how to start:


I thought it would be like any average day, but boy was I wrong. They came and attacked again! It all started as the sun was rising when my brothers and I were just waking up. I stretched and peered out of my hole, checking for any dangers...


Here is the next lesson based on the Sikh Rites of Passage. Go through the Information Slides then have a go at the activity.