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Tuesday 9th June

Hello lovely people.


I got home from work yesterday and decided that we'd have a walk up to Lauren's grandparents' house. On the way up, Seth made us stop at every single window that had a rainbow. Each time he would tell us that he wanted to 'go and find more rainbows'. 

It must have taken us an hour to walk something which would normally take 10 minutes.


It was lovely to sit in their garden and catch up. Me and her grandad are both big football fans, so we spent our time talking about the upcoming return of the premier league. 

Lauren, Seth and her grandma drew endless amounts of rainbows and cats on the stone, using chalk. 


All of the walking and drawing meant that Seth ended up being very tired and slept until 7:30 this morning. Winner!


Have a great day.

For maths today you are going to start forming expressions. You need to watch the videos and complete the different sheets. 


Mrs Walker's group A

Click on the file below to get your work for today.  The instructions are on the worksheet.

Mrs Walker's group B

Today you will be continuing to learn about factors.  There are two worksheets for you to complete.  You can check your when you have finished.

For reading I'd like you to continue your work on chapter 5 and answer the retrieval style questions.


Mrs Walker's A and B groups


Read the Friendly Felines extract and then answer the questions.  

For writing today I'd like you to focus on the use of speech. 

This can be done directly or indirectly.

Please follow the link below, watch the videos and complete the activities.

Mrs Walker's A and B groups


Today your writing task is about the River Nile.  Click on the file below and follow the instructions on each page.


Finally, I have added a new Topic Grid to the Topic folder from the topic 'Hola Mexico'. Try one of the activities and refer to this for future lessons. Hopefully you have completed the old Topic Grid by now.

Hopefully, you will have fun with the new Mexico topic and there are lots of activities like cooking, art, research and writing to keep you busy.