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Wednesday 10th June 2020

Hi Year 4


Happy Wednesday to you all. I hope you are well. We are continuing with the planning and preparation in school.


Today I have attached an online assembly from the NSPCC called, Speak Out. Stay Safe. The NSPCC usually deliver this in school but as they can't do that at the moment they have created this online version. Please make time to watch this and share it with your family members. 


I enjoyed the birthday cake at my mum's house this afternoon even though it felt a little cold in garden. 


Enjoy your day. I will speak to you tomorrow. 


Love Mrs Martin


Today's maths lesson is based on adding two 4-digit numbers with one exchange. Here is the video tutorial:


Here is the worksheet and the answers:




Today's reading activity is based around our writing topic of 'Catch It'. First, let's recap the story by watching the video below.

Watch the video to 44 seconds:


1.   Where are the animals sleeping?


2.   What is the name for the long, seasonal sleep that some mammals partake in during winter?


Continue the video to 1 minute 27 seconds:


3.  What are the meerkats thinking as they climb the tree and find the fruit?


4.   How can you tell that the meerkats are happy to see the fruit? What gesture do they make?


5.   Do you think the vulture is going to be a hero or a villain in the story? Explain your answer.


Continue the video to 3 minutes 24 seconds:


6.   Why do you think all of the animals are so desperate to catch it?


7.   What sports does the meerkat formation remind you of?


Watch the video to the end:


8.   Who do you think won in the end?





Today in your writing activity, you will be describing the beautiful setting of the African plains. You can do some research to help you, or use the ideas to support your writing linked below.

You can use the sheet attached below or write in your exercise book. Remember to use capital letters and full stops.


4A please do your spelling test today! Here are the new spellings for the week!


I have included a link to a BBC Art lesson, where you can learn about how French painter Henri Rousseau used his imagination to paint places he had never visited, learn some basic artistic techniques and create your own artwork.


There is a video to watch to introduce the artwork in the style of Henri Rousseau and there are three videos on different techniques you can use. You can either paint, make a collage or do some printmaking (potatoes are good for this). If you don't have these things at home, don't worry, you can do a sketch instead. 


If you would like to, you can send us some pictures of the fabulous work you produce!