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Wednesday 13th May

Good Morning 3/4M


Happy Wednesday. We are halfway through the week already. I hope you are all well today and that you have enjoyed working through the activities I have set. I have not received many emails so pleeeeaaase ask your grown ups if you can send me an email telling me what you have been doing, photographs are even better as I can see your smiling faces and all your hard work. 


I am looking forward to when we are all back together in school. Hopefully, we will have some time after the Spring Bank Holiday. Fingers crossed!!


Please see your work for today below:





Today I have chosen two activities for you to complete. Both are focused on vocabulary and words in context which is an important skill when reading. 


The first is called, Captain Nell and Fish face Freddy - You need to read the short extract and then answer the questions about the words in the text. 


The second is called, How to be Good. This looks at all the different meaning the word 'good' can have.




We are going to consolidate the work you did yesterday on full stops and capital letters. However, you are also going to practise using commas, question marks and exclamation marks today. 


I have two sheets for you to work on. The first one focuses on capital letters, full stops and commas and the second on full stops, question marks and exclamation marks. 


You can either print the sheets and write on them or copy out the sentences in your exercise books. 

SPAG Activities



Log onto White Rose using the links below to watch the learning videos. 


Year 3: Lesson 3 - Divide a 2 digit number by a one digit number

Year 4: Lesson 3 - Perimeter of rectilinear shapes


Remember to do a minimum of 30 minutes Time Table Rockstars.

Take a break for lunch. Enjoy some healthy food and do something fun. 


This afternoon, I would like you to choose another art task and and another STEM task from the activity grids I posted yesterday and Monday. I have only received a couple of emails with photographs so far, please send them to me, so I can see your lovely work. 

Well done to the person who did the super leaf printing. They were beautiful. You know who you are. 


Thought of the day:





I look forward to hearing from you. 


Love from Mrs Martin.