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Wednesday 13th May



Hello all! 


It's Wednesday! I’m just reminding you so you don’t forget what day of the week it is! 
it’s easy to forget! 

I've put lots of new photos on the ‘Your Photos’ section so you can go and have a look at what all your friends have been up to. It’s nice to see familiar faces. 


What have we been up to? 

Miss Day: We had a silly start to the day. Holly wanted to play ‘Harry Potter’ games. Harry Potter is a wizard 🧙‍♂️ A wizard in a book and on films. I love the books and Holly does too.  In the book Harry has to put a talking hat on his head and the hat is magic so it can talk. It tells him which ‘house’ a bit like a class at school, he belongs in. So Holly made us all put a hat on while she pretended to talk. Sounds silly? It made us all laugh! 

I did lots more work and we had a long chat with Mrs Allen about school in the afternoon. It was nice to see her face as always. 




Here's a special treat for you today. A lovely video for you all from Miss Newburn and Mikey! They’ve been doing some maths out in the garden! Have a go! 

We miss you all! 

Garden Tally