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Wednesday 13th May 2020

Good morning 5/6AA.  How are you all today?  It's Wednesday so let's start our day with some singing.  Click here.  Choose a song and sing it as loud as you can.  You can choose to sing as many of the songs as you want.  Perhaps you could have a break in between each of the subjects and sing one of the songs.  When you have finished singing, here are your tasks:


Click here to go to the BBC Bitesize lesson about multiplying fractions and mixed numbers by integers.  Watch both videos and then there are two worksheets to complete (you can access the worksheets below).  When you have finished you can play the Defenders of Mathmatica game.


Read the information on the worksheet below and answer the questions.  When you have finished you can check your work.


You should have planned your sci-fi narrative and started to write the beginning of it.  Before you start to write anything today, read what you wrote yesterday.  While you are reading think about whether your narrative makes sense and does it flow.  Make any corrections and improvements to yesterday's work.  Now you are ready to start writing the middle part of your narrative.  In this section, your main character will need to try and find a solution to the problem that they have encountered.  Keep reading what you have written to check that it makes senses and follows on from the beginning of your story.  Read the WAGOLL for today to give you some more ideas.

Mrs Walker's group A


Click here to watch a video that will help you with this lesson.  Now answer the questions on the worksheet below.  Remember to use the column method.  You can check your answers when you have finished.

Mrs Walker's group B


Click on the file below to get your work.  You need to read the question carefully and decide if you need to add or subtract.

Mrs Walker's A and B groups


You are going to answering the rest of the questions about Mary Seacole.  You will need to read the information on page 1 again.  Then answers the questions on pages 5, 6 and 7.  There is an answer sheet so you can check your work when you have finished.


Click on the file below to get your work.  You need to match the different parts of a story to their purpose (what they are used for).

Whole class 

Afternoon work

Read up to slide 5 of the PowerPoint presentation and complete the tasks that you are asked to do.  The tasks are on slides 3, 4 and 5.

If you would like to draw an alien to go with the narrative that you are writing , go and get some paper and a pencil.  Click here to watch a step by step guide.