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Wednesday 13th May

Good morning


I hope you like the picture, I have been looking at it and all the things it suggests we can do to keep well at home. It really cheered me up, I had a bit of a 'flat' day yesterday, I was bored and a bit fed up from being at home and not seeing people. So I chose a few of the ideas and cheered myself up. I read, did some craft with Ava and made a new recipe I hadn't tried before for tea. I hope it might be helpful for some of you if you have one of those days.


Today's Maths is more revision on fractions, you were amazing at these in class so now is your chance to show your grown ups.

Summer Term - Week 4 (w/c 11th May) - Lesson 3 - Converting improper fractions to mixed numbers and vice versa

For English, we have another Guided Reading (its quite funny - more persuasive writing than a narrative but still useful). We have a further WAGOLL and the task is attached again but it hasn't changed, just keep using the other reading as inspiration to improve and edit your own planning and writing.

I have some French again for you today. If you look on the website there are a few games, I played the hangman with family members. But you can have a look and see what you would most like to play. Challenge yourself to learn new words.


Finally, I have a really lovely activity. It is a post lockdown bucket list. It is a bit of a craft and art task but also gives you chance to really think about being thankful for the things we might have previously taken for granted. I saw the idea originally with people putting wishes in a jar and then people started writing bucket lists of thing they want to do when the lockdown ends (I have put some pictures on to show you). The template is attached, if you can't print it you can always use it as a guided to make your own. 

Hope you have fun with today's tasks.

Stay safe.


Mrs Garside