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Wednesday 15th July

Good Morning!


This morning you are counting forwards and backwards in powers of 10 upto 1,000,000.


Mrs Walker's group A

Today you need to colour each jug to show the correct volume.  Then circle the jug that has the most liquid.  Finally, answer the questions on the second worksheet.

Mrs Walker's group B

Add the money in each purse (including the notes) and then decide which purse contains the most money.


Today's focus is on contrast in Chapter 11 of Children of Winter. 


Mrs Walker's A and B groups

Read the information about the Women's World Cup and answer the questions.


For the rest of the week, we're going to do some work based around the work of William Shakespeare. Today, we have Romeo and Juliet.

Mrs Walker's A and B groups

Correct the sentences by adding capital letters, full stops and question marks.


This afternoon we have the first of 2 topic lessons designed as a project to finish off the topic for this half term.


You'll be drawing on the things that you have learnt so far about the Plague to help you.