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Wednesday 15th July

Happy Wednesday everybody!


I'm writing this to you from my office in school.


It still seems like such an empty place, even though we have lots of the children back.


Have a great day.

For Maths today you are going to focus on Pie charts.


If maths plays a part in your future, you are likely to see pie charts a lot, so this is an important skills and concept to understand.

Week 12, Lesson 3.


Watch the video and then do the worksheet. 

For your first English lesson, you should continue on to the next pages of the guided reading text we are working on. 

Your 2nd English task today focuses around analysing Legends.

Unfortunately, when it says legends, it is not actually talking about me, even though I'm sure that's what you were thinking.

Watch the video and complete the activities. 

Mrs Walker's group A


Today you need to colour each jug to show the correct volume.  Then circle the jug that has the most liquid.  Finally answer the questions on the second worksheet.

Mrs Walker's group B


Add the  money in each purse (including the notes) and then decide which purse contains the most money.

Mrs Walker's A and B groups


Read the information about the Women's World Cup and answer the questions.


Correct the sentences by adding capital letters, full stops and question marks.

Your afternoon mixes Science and PE.

Not just this, but it also is about the best sport that there is: cricket!


I think you'll find this really interesting!