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Wednesday 17th June

Good morning


I hope you got to look at some of the Science Share Day videos and found it fun. There looked to be some really amazing things on there.



Today we are revising adding decimals. There is an alternative lesson which is drawing line graphs. I have also attached the challenge pack which is the same as yesterday. Use the BBC BItesize for extra help. 

Summer Term - Week 8 (w/c 15th June) - Lesson 3 - Adding decimals with the same number of decimal places.

Mrs Walker's group A

Today you are going to learn to tell the time at quarter past and quarter to the hour.  Click here to watch a video and then complete the worksheet below.

Mrs Walker's group B

Today you will continue to learn about place value.  Complete the worksheet below and check your answers when you have finished.

Guided Reading.

Today's extract is Pages and Co, read the extract and answer the questions.

Mrs Walker's A and B groups

Read People of the Rainforest and answer the questions.


Today we are looking at Figurative Language on the BBC Bitesize.

Mrs Walker's A and B groups

Yesterday you should have written the introduction section of your letter.  Today you are going to write the first argument.  You need to choose one of the animals from the list that you made on Monday.  In this section you will explain the effect that deforestation is having on these animals and why we need to save them.  Use the template below to help you.


This is the BBC Bitesize work on 'The Lake District'. I have been there, and it is amazing. There are lots of online research and information about Lake Windermere and the boat trips and Beatrix Potter and the museum.



I found a link to these Science experiments on line and knew some of you would love to try them out so here is today's final task. 

Lego Catapult with the STEM link to tension.

Lolly stick rafts with the STEM link to floating and water resistance.

I want you to think about the forces involved to make the movement.


Have fun and I'll speak to you tomorrow.


Mrs Garside