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Wednesday 1st April

Happy Wednesday everyone!


Tuesday was hard! I really started to miss my family and friends; it's even reached the stage where I'd like to see you lot - imagine how desperate I must be! 

In all seriousness, I had a down day and just wanted to spend time with mine and Lauren's families - it seems so unfair that this right is taken away from us at the moment - but we know it is for the best, and should hopefully mean that we can all spend lots more time together when all of this is finished. 


After completing all my work, we built a den in our living room (we called it a mountain) and kept climbing to the top of it, and jumping off onto some cushions. It's amazing how long this is capable of entertaining somebody!

After this, I let Seth have a go! 


Well done to the three new people who did an Accelerated Reader test. By the end of the week I expect you all to have done at least one. If not, I will have to contact parents and inform them that you are not doing what you are being asked!


Anyway, have a great day! Song of the day today is a cracker!

For Maths today, can you go to week 2 of the home learning on white rose? Watch the video as many times as you need, and then do the activity sheet - check your answers at the end. If you've got any wrong, you will need to do corrections, showing full working out.

It is lesson 3 - step  1 and is all about measuring angles. this is a site with an interactive protractor which will help you when practicing. 

You then need to complete either the expected or Greater Depth questions from below. Check your answers afterwards.





For reading - we are going to do a mini test paper. I know we are no longer studying for SATs, but these are useful skills which you will require throughout the rest of your school lives. 

Next, complete the next entry of your diary. This entry should go through your school day in isolation, and how you are finding it. Which parts you are enjoying; which parts you really dislike. 


Lunch - do your Joe Wicks workout,

and then enjoy today's song of the day:

This is a pretty song by Blink 182. It's called 'Home is such a lonely place' and echoes my thoughts on this period in our lives - almost like I am the narrator of the song, and you are all the child being spoken about (that's very nice and soppy! Don't get used to it! Do some maths!).


For the afternoon, I'd like you to continue working through the computing folder and doing your coding that you should have been doing yesterday as well. 

Hope to see you all soon.


Mr R-H