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Wednesday 1st April 2020

Hi 2S (and your Mums and Dads too),


Can you believe it's April the 1st? I should be choosing new children to take the register today. frown

It was so lovely hear from some of your parents yesterday when I emailed them. They're doing a fantastic job with you so make sure you say a big 'Thank you' to them. I especially loved the photographs that I was sent.


Are you still doing the Joe Wicks workout each morning? I'm feeling proud because I haven't missed one yet. Don't forget that there are other links for exercises in the 'Activities to do Indoors' folder, too.


Below are today's tasks. Enjoy doing them. I know that your parents will be very impressed with how fab you are.


I'll be back tomorrow.


Love from Mrs Stansfield x

Here's a task which will help you to learn your superlative adjective spellings.



How did you get on with writing the introduction to your diary yesterday? Have you read it through and checked it? Do you need to make any edits?


During the day today, I would like you to record what you have been doing in a chart. You'll be using it on Thursday and Friday to write a really good diary extract.


Here's my example:



Start off as usual with a page from the Flashbacks. You should be on Week 2 Day 3 today. 

Click on this to start the Powerpoint so that you can't see the answers until you click.

This week we've been looking at 3D shapes. We've already learnt about faces and edges. So what about the corners? The posh word for these is vertices.


1 corner = 1 vertex          corners = vertices

Here are today's problems to finish with:



Did you like doing your Reading work online yesterday using Classroom Secrets?

You need to read the text carefully and retrieve the answers from the text. Don't make them up!


Log in again and then do this activity:



Today I would like you to find out more about ONE of the big cats you looked at yesterday.  Use the internet to answer the questions below. 

Tomorrow you will be using your research to begin to create a fact file on the big cat that you have chosen.

Big Cats


Bengal Tiger

White Bengal Tiger

Black Leopard


Snow Leopard







Questions for your research:

  • Where do they live? What is their habitat like?
  • What do they eat? How do they hunt?
  • Are they an endangered species? Why?
  • How do they live? Alone or in packs?
  • What are the differences between males and females?

And 2 or more interesting facts that you  have found out about your chosen BIG CAT.


Take care when writing your notes. Copy spelling carefully.