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Wednesday 1st April 2020

Good morning 4A, 


Happy 1st of April! We have quite a few class birthdays this month - I will do my best to send an E-card on your special day!.


I went for a walk near to Castle Hill again, although this time, the weather wasn't the best. However, it was still nice to get some fresh air. We didn't take our phones with us and it was bliss! What have you been up to today? If you want to, you can always send me pictures - my email is I have had responses from a lot of the class but there are still a few people who I have not heard from. I hope you're okay and are keeping safe. 


If you need anything, please let me know!


Lots of love Miss Anwar



White Rose:

Please complete Lesson 3 - Step 8 - Hundredths as decimals

Please keep up with the TT rockstars as this is really good practise. Remember, we are having a teachers vs kids competition on Friday! 


Reading: Please spend at least 30 minutes today reading your AR book and completing a quiz if you have one to do. Also choose one of the reading tasks from the reading grid. You can do this on your AR book or on a book of your choice. 



Log into classroom secrets and complete the following:

Year 4 - Recognising Speech


If you are unable to access classroom secrets, try logging onto it from a desktop or a laptop. Classroom secrets tech support said there are known issues with using it from an iPad or mobile. If you are still unable to access it, Tech Support advised me they have free home learning packs to download


If you are unable to download it from the website, I have attached the free home learning pack below. It includes answers so the children can self-mark.


Please continue writing day 3 of your blog. This task follows on from Monday and Tuesday. 

This afternoon I would like you to look at out topic grid and choose another activity to complete. Choose something different to last week that challenges you. 


In addition to this, I would like you to think about creating your own time capsule which will will show children of the future what life was really like in 2020 whilst the COVID 19 virus was happening. In writing, you have begun to write a blog. Think about what else you could include in your time capsule. Photos, newspaper clippings, handprints of your family members, description of how you are feeling right now, a description of a typical day right now. I am sure you will also come up with many other ideas to include in your time capsule. You can put all of the items you collect into a box. If you do this activity, please send me some pictures!


Mrs Buttery has set you all a Computing challenge. Check out the Computing folder to see what she has in store for you.


Speak to you tomorrow, 

Miss Anwar x