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Wednesday 1st April 2020

Good Morning Class 1/2A


I hope you are well and had a good day writing your diary introduction from yesterday. I can’t wait to read some of them.  How did you get on? I had a busy day replying back to some of your emails and I was so happy to find out how many of you have been busy working very hard. Some of you have been sharing pictures of your work and the things you have been doing a home.


Remember that Joe Wicks is doing a live PE lesson at 9am everyday! (I really enjoyed the new added music yesterday!) If you miss this at 9am, it is saved on his Youtube channel so don't worry! Here is the link again:



First I would like you to practice your 2, 5, and 10 timetables:



Today I will like you to continue with Measuring Mass and focus on week 1 Lesson 3.






Today I would like you to continue writing your first diary entry:

Hear is WAGOLL:

Wednesday 1st April

Dear Diary,

As I do every morning, I started off the day doing the Joe Wicks workout in the attic so then I can huff and puff as loud as I want to and nobody can hear me!! The exercise gives me energy, makes me feel ready for the day ahead and I feel healthier too.

After a quick shower, I planned the work for 1/2A on the school website. I miss them so much! I hope they’re all ok. Do you think they’re missing me too? It seems so strange not seeing them every day. I always start off by writing a little note and then I try to plan rest of the activities. Miss Quinney has been busy helping me plan some exciting activities.

I have been busy helping my neighbour with her shopping she is 91 years old and she is unable to go out. It is very tricky having to stay at home but we all have to keep safe to fight this virus.

Bye for now and see you tomorrow!!!

Please work with a parent to check the first part of the diary entry that you wrote yesterday. Make any edits that you need to do.  Check for:

  • Capital letters for names;
  • Capital letters and full stops for each sentence;
  • Question marks;
  • Any other punctuation, such as exclamation marks or commas for a list;
  • Spelling mistakes - use Google to check.
  • Correct use of tenses.




 I would like you to practice reading your common exception words and play the online game:

Then can you practice playing a new game called Karate Cats. This will help you to practise Chop a capital letter, fly-kick a full stop or smash a sentence in this fun game:



Guided Reading:

I would like you log in with your study ladder log in details:

Read the text and complete the reading comprehension questions:



Today I would like you to find out more information about ONE of the big cats you looked at yesterday. Use the internet to answer the questions below. 


Tomorrow you will be using your research to begin to create a fact file on the big cat that you have chosen.


Big Cats


White Bengal Tiger

Black Leopard


Snow Leopard





Questions for your research:

  • Where do they live? What is their habitat like?
  • What do they eat? How do they hunt?
  • Are they an endangered species? Why?
  • How do they live? Alone or in packs?
  • What are the differences between males and females?
  • Can you find 2 or more interesting facts about your chosen BIG CAT?


Take care when writing your notes and check your spellings with an adult.


Computing Activity:

I would like you to listen to the first activity about coding, then have a go at playing the game below.