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Wednesday 1st April

Happy April 5G,


So we are going to start today with singing assembly, it is Wednesday. In the link below is a video of me singing, click on the link and join in. 

Next is Maths, today we are going to go to the White Rose Maths again. Watch the video and then try the activity sheet, once you have finished look at the anwers and see how you did.

The lesson today is order and compare decimals, those of you that used the game on the Maths folder should find this super easy today. If you still want to play the link is still there and another version is here.


For English, we are going to look at another diary entry, this one is by Zoe from David Walliams, Ratburger - only a short one today. Also, I would like you to look at the sheet below about your diary writing and keep working on making your diary entries amazing. Keep reading it back and editing, - purple pen if you have one at home.

In the afternoon, we would normally have Topic so go to the Topic folder and chose an activity off the grid. There are some great activities on there so have a look.


Our final task of the afternoon is a bit of fun. I wanted an activity everyone can do at home and that you can practice and master. So here is a beginners guide to making a flip book from you tube (you can do it with any paper, doesn't have to be post it notes. Even the corner of a notepad works.

Once you have mastered the basics, there are lots of fantastic ones to have a go at online.


Try to do something super kind at home for your family today and make someone smile.


Keep safe.

Mrs Garside