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Wednesday 1st July

Morning wonderful people.


It's been so nice coming out and seeing lots of you over the last couple of days. You've really brightened my days and I'm looking forwards to seeing the rest of you this afternoon. 


It has also been so nice being able to teach some of you for the last few days. It's odd not having you all there, but at least I'm starting to feel like a teacher again!


Anyway - short one today - speak soon!

For Maths today I'd like you to focus on scale factors. 

This works alongside ratio and is useful for recipes, enlargement of shapes etc.

You should watch the videos, but I'm also attaching a powerpoint that you can go through to help you out.

Week 10, lesson 3

Mrs Walker's group A

Today you are going to subtract within 20 using a number line.  Please check your work using the answer sheet when you have finished.

Mrs Walker's group B

More negative numbers today.  In this lesson you need to complete the sequence of numbers.

Instead of reading today, I found this lesson from BBC Bitesize that I thought you would really enjoy. It's such an important skill to have in life. Think about the amount of times in class that we have spoken about the importance of being able to speak clearly in front of people. It might well be a part of a future career.

For English I'd like you to continue writing your 500 word story. You should be reaching the peak of your story mountain by now. The main event! Make sure you don't rush it. Children often have the habit of getting excited about this, and going through it far too quickly. Build suspense for the reader and leave them guessing and wanting more action. 

Mrs Walker's A and B groups


Read the information about Easter and answer the questions.


Today you will be finding synonyms.  A synonym is a word with the same or similar meaning to another word.  You can use a thesaurus to help you.  Don't worry if you don't have a thesaurus at home, you can use an online one.

Your afternoon task today is based on the theory of Evolution.


It is something that is believed by many, but plenty of others do not think that it is true. 


Regardless of your belief, it is important to understand the Science behind the theory.


Watch the videos and complete the activities.