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Wednesday 20th May

Happy Wednesday 5G


Well the beautiful sunshine is here again, so I hope you get to enjoy it a bit today. I'm going to be taking my laptop into the garden to do some work today, it's too nice to be inside all day.


Today's first task is Maths, it is more fractions revision, don't forget there is extra support on BBC Bitesize if you need it. I am also attaching a challenge for those of you that whizz through that too quickly.

Summer Term - Week 5 (w/c 18th May) - Lesson 3 - Add mixed numbers

For Guided Reading we have an extract from Harry Potter, it's the first time he gets on the Hogwarts Express, when he meets Ron and when he gets to try Bertie's Every Flavour Bean. Don't forget you can listen to the book on audible for free -

Today's English writing task is to write a Fact File /  biography of Harry Potter. It is a short task so I'm not expecting pages and pages. I have attached a checklist and some WAGOLLs for you to read and get some inspiration for lay out and style.
This afternoon, I would like you to find a sunny spot and read. It might be in the garden, on the doorstep or even by a window. But I want you to find a book you enjoy and allow yourself to rest and enjoy reading.

Relax and enjoy your reading. I'll speak to you tomorrow.

Mrs Garside