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Wednesday 20th May 2020

Good morning 2S,


Did you enjoy the story that I put on at the end of yesterday's work? I loved it, though I was a little upset when the reader bit into a real doughnut right after he finished! I'm in school today and if the children didn't hear it yesterday, I'm definitely going to share it with them.


You'll be pleased to know that we've got art activities to do again today. I'll be giving you a couple of ideas to choose from, but I know that some of you did both last week. What superstars you are!


Let's get started as we usually do with Jo Wicks (which I'll be doing at school, too.)



Did you have a look through the spellings on this week's list and notice that they come in pairs? There's the singular noun when there is just one of the object and the plural noun when there is more than one.

Remember that neat handwriting which is sitting on the lines is part of the focus of this activity. Copy the lovely joined up writing.

When you do your test next Monday, you'll need to write all 20 words out. Will you score 20 out of 20? I'm sure that you will.

Here's the rule that you need to follow:

Singular and Plural Nouns for Kids

This video is all about singular and plural nouns. We will focus on plural nouns that end in -s, -es, and -ies. For more practice, you can check out the link...

This is a very important image from the video because this rule only works when there is a consonant before the y.

Which are the 5 vowels? Write them down.

Can you remember how easy these are to do with sign language?

Now write out all of the consonants.


You could write out the full alphabet colour-coding the vowels in one colour and the consonants in another colour.


This is the rule for plurals of nouns that have a vowel before the final y:


Now complete this task:


How did you get on with your note-making about space suits yesterday? Aren’t they amazing pieces of kit?


Today you’re going to use your notes to write the final section of Bolts’ Space Report:



Here’s my WAGOLL:

Astronauts just would not survive outside of their space shuttle without a space suit. It protects them from the cold, the heat from the sun’s rays and from flying rocks. It also provides them with air to breathe. What an awesome piece of kit a space suit is! Without a space suit, an astronaut would die within only two minutes so it really is important. It may take an hour to get on, but it provides everything that an astronaut needs for seven hours. The rocket powered backpacks must be great fun, don’t you think?


Remember to write in full sentences using capital letters and full stops for each one. You may also need to use commas, question marks or exclamation marks. Have you made your final section interesting and engaging for your reader?





Please start with your Flashback page:

This links with the arrays work yesterday. Read the instructions carefully and I'm sure that you'll whizz through both pages.

Here is your Problem of the Day:

If you need a clue, work out how much they have altogether then half it to get you started.

This is a multi-step problem.

This 'Hit the Button' game is brilliant as there are so many activities that link to the 2 x table:

Times Tables 'Hit the Answer x2' and 'Hit the Question x2'

Division Facts 'Hit the Answer x2' and 'Hit the Question x2'




The Doubles and Halves games will really stretch you beyond 20.


You can - of course - practice your other times tables, too.



Did you make your predictions yesterday?

I'm sorry, but there wasn't a happy ending for Beegu - just look what happens next:

I'm sure that you're Fixby ending is a much happier one. 


As promised, here are two art activities for you to choose from (or do both.) I am sure that you will enjoy making them.


The first activity is to make this super cool robot. 



Oops! It looks like this robot got unplugged!


Resources you will need:

  • Cardboard or scrap cardboard
  • Glue stick
  • Selotape
  • Paper
  • Post-it notes - optional
  • An old, clear CD case
  • Lollipop sticks sticks
  • Metal washers, small bolts, screws, paper clips, plastic parts and other small metal pieces
  • Pens
  • Kitchen foil


Does he look great? He's now ready for action once somebody plugs him in!

The second art activity is to make a porthole. Imagine that you are in a space shuttle looking out of the  porthole (window). What would you be able to see?


I hope you've had a great day? Don't forget to tidy up all of your mess, though!


See you tomorrow

Love from

Mrs S xxx