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Wednesday 20th May


Hello one and all!


Half way through the week! Yay!

Happy hump day!


Grown ups have you seen the letter from Mrs Allen on the letters section? It's the same one as yesterday but just checking in case you didn't get the update through the school app! 


In Maths today we're moving on to doubles - something new - YAY! 

Don't forget to go to the phonics page and see what Mrs Atkinson has planned for you today too! 


What have we been up to? 

Miss Day: Yesterday I worked very hard again and did LOTS of work! I was tired by teatime and ready for pizza! YUM!

A lovely friend of mine runs a business selling plants and I ordered a few from her, she dropped them on our doorstep and I have one above my desk where I sit working. It's called a 'string of hearts' - what a lovely name! 

I am going to try and keep it alive - how are your pea plants doing? Have you kept them alive? Here's my new plant :)