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Wednesday 20th May

Welcome to Wednesday 3/4M


Another week is hurtling by at speed. I hope you all had a great day yesterday. My email was still rather quiet, although I did receive a super story which I have added to our photos page. Go and have a look. We have a budding author in our class. 


I continued writing your personal statements on the reports today. I have nearly finished now. It has been a big job but I have enjoyed writing all the amazing things about each and every one of you, to share with your grown ups. 


Please see below for today's work:



Today I have found an entertaining story called Maud and the Dragon. This is an old legend about a dragon that was said to have lived in a village called Mordiford, which is in Herefordshire. Read the story and then answer the questions. 


There is also a sheet for you to complete to focus on the descriptive language that the author uses for the dragon. 



Your activity today is based on time conjunctions. It is easy to get in the trap of writing 'and then' to say what happened next. Some of us use this too often in our writing and it becomes boring for the reader. 


I have attached a sheet that provides an activity for you to do, to help you use a wider selection of time conjunctions. I have also added a sheet with some further examples to choose from but I am sure you will think of some of your own too.




Use the links below to watch the White Rose videos and print off the worksheets. 


Year 3 - Lesson 3 - Tenths

Year 4 - Lesson 4 - Equivalent Fractions


Remeber to log onto TT Rockstars for 30 minutes too. We will do our competition on Friday. I will let you know what time you need to log in. 



Take a break for lunch. Why not help prepare it and practise your cooking / food preparation skills?


After lunch, I would like you to complete the second RE lesson about EID. There is a slide show to watch and then I want you to complete the diary entry as if you are a young Muslim who is looking forward to Eid Al-Fitr. Describe what your are looking forward to doing on the day of Eid. Think about all the things you have seen in the slide show, including the food you will eat, the clothes you will wear and the special prayers and celebrations. 


I have also attached a second creative activity for you to create your own Mehndi design. 

I have chosen an Art task as our final activity this afternoon. I liked this BBC video showing how to create perspective in an image and make it look like some things are closer than others. 


Watch the video and then have a go for yourself. I have attached an image you can copy or you could try doing the view from one of your own windows. Please send me some pictures of your finished art work. 

Wow. That seems to be plenty jobs to keep you busy today. I hope you all have a great day and keep updating me via email. 


Thought of the day:



Stay Safe and Have Fun. 


Love Mrs Martin.