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Wednesday 22nd April

Happy Wednesday 3/4M


I hope you are all well and had a good day yesterday. It was a beautiful day and I worked in my kitchen with the door open all day, whilst Mr Martin worked in the garden. Jacob was much happier doing his work today and decided to get it all done this morning, so he could do some 'choosing' this afternoon. I was really impressed with his focus and he produced some great work. I hope you guys all worked hard too. I am sure you did. 


Jacob and I will have a go at making our own Stop Motion Animation today so that we can share it with you. I can't wait to see yours. Ask your grown ups if they can download you a free Stop Animation App on a tablet or phone. (I have added details on the attached worksheet.) Don't worry if you are unable to record your video today or if you have problems with the technology, as long as you have created your story board then that is fine. If you can't record it then why not create a poster advertising the movie you have planned instead.


I have heard back from more of you today and have even spoken to a couple of children. It was great to hear their voices. I am really missing you all. 


Please see the work for today below:



I have added two short reading comprehensions today. 

Gary's Big Adventure and People of the Rainforest. 



I have added the answers for SPAG Mat 4 from yesterday. 


As you reminded yourself about verbs and adverbs yesterday I have added the activities below:

Please do the 2 star version of each - page numbers shown below.

Identifying Adverbs - page 2 (Answers are on page 4 but don't cheat!!)

Finding Verbs - page 2 (no answers with this one but you can share with a grown up and if they are unsure ask them to contact me)



We continue to use White Rose Maths

Year 3 - Lesson 3 - Compare Fractions

Year 4 - Lesson 3 - Compare Decimals


Please also go onto TT Rockstars for at least 30 minutes. 


After a healthy lunch and brain break I would like you to work on the Stop Motion Animation tasks. It should be great run recording your video. Remember to only move your item a fraction for each new photo. 


I have also added the link to a science lesson and 3 activities based on light and dark. This is an area that you have looked at with Mrs O Dowd and it is good revision. 


Make sure you fit in some active time too. Do something you enjoy - Dancing, football, gymnastics, Joe Wicks.


I look forward to hearing from more of you about your adventures


Love from Mrs Martin. 


Have a great day. 







SPAG Mat 4 Answers

Stop Animation Day 3